Now that DigiTech is not owned by Corean appliance and cellphone giant Samsung anymore, but by a guitar company that’s actually passionate about pedals, we can expect this historic brand to resume some activity. The reissue of the DOD Envelope Filter 440 is the first sign of life in this regard.

Known for its vowel-like tones, the 440 is an expressive pedal that works well on both guitar and bass, delivering a range of wah-like or synthy tones ideal for funk or creative sounds.

The reissue sports a circuit faithful to the mid-’10s first reissue, including the toggle that allows players to control which part of the sweep is emphasized – a toggle that wasn’t featured in the first version of the pedal.

Other improvements include true bypass, a lightweight aluminum chassis and a new crisp blue LED status indicator.

Check out the videos of the first reissue, from a few years ago, below.

DOD Envelope Filter 440, Builder’s Notes

DigiTech/DOD announces the eagerly anticipated relaunch of the DOD Envelope Filter 440 effects pedal. Suitable for guitar and bass players, the 440 is known for its vowel-like sounds, crying out with slow-filter sweeps that react to pick attack. The new 440 is a faithful recreation of the vintage pedal, with the helpful addition of an up/down toggle that allows players to control which part of the sweep is emphasized. Whether players are doing funky chordal work, simulated wahs, or trippy drawn-out filter sweeps, the 440 delivers with a versatile range of expressive, dynamic tones.

The update of the Envelope Filter 440 aims to stay faithful to the original while giving today’s guitarists more utility and improved tone preservation. It all starts with a Level knob that allows players to control the sensitivity of the envelope based on pick attack and playing styles. Range Control adjusts the frequency range of movement of the envelope’s sweep, allowing emphasis of low, mid, or high frequencies to match the instrument plugged in. DOD now takes the versatility a step further, adding the up/down voice switch that enables users to emphasize either the rise or fall of the sweep. The up setting provides the classic 440 wah-style effects. Flick the switch down for a subterranean dive that adds body to bass tones or gives the guitar synth-like attack.

Overall, DOD’s warm and funky analog circuit design is based on the original, but like the brand’s other updates, it’s now wired for true bypass. It accepts a standard 9V DC adapter or battery. The chassis is now a lightweight aluminum and has a new crisp blue LED status indicator so it can be easily seen on stage. Both the input and output are quarter inch, with a 1M Ohm input impedance.

With every “quack, squee, squonk, chicka, mwomp, and weeeooow”, the DOD Envelope Filter 440 effects pedal stays true to the classic, while offering new features that make it more user- and pedalboard-friendly. MSRP is $181, MAP is $129.99