The Mythos Positron is a compact and more “standard” version of the Positron Collider, a fuzz voiced after the Rams Head circuit released in 2018 as a Halloween special inspired by the classic sci-fi comedy film Ghostbusters.

The Positron, however, offers a much wider range of tones mostly thanks to the dedicated Treble and Bass controls and to the Loud switch, which changes the tone quite drastically, taking the player into Colorsound Supa Tonebender territory.

The pedal has markedly more pronounced mids than the original vintage fuzz units and can get much louder too, but it’s missing the “Total Protonic Reversal” footswitch of its older Mythos sibling, which was basically an extra boost.

Here’s the video of the Mythos Positron.

Mythos Positron Collider Fuzz

Mythos Pedals Positron Collider


In this version of the pedal, the clipping switch allows you to choose between silicon or LED diodes, while the Total Protonic Reversal footswitch lets you lift the tone stack for extra volume. It also features Treble and Bass EQ knobs instead of the single-tone knob found on the Ram’s Head original units.

Here are some videos of the Mythos Pedals Positron Collider.

Mythos Pedals Positron, Builder’s Notes

For a number of years now the Positron Collider was a Halloween exclusive. This homage to the beloved 1984 Ghost catching comedy was quirky and weird, and while that version will undoubtedly return we’re happy to release a more standard version of that circuit. This new Positron is now a full production model that has some little tweaks that make it fun for those that have the previous versions.

The Positron is based on that classic Ram’s Head fuzz circuit but instead of having a single tone circuit this version has dedicated Treble and Bass controls so you can tweak the tone to your tastes. There is more available mid-range than you’re used to with this setup but you can definitely cop those classic muffled fuzz sounds if you are so inclined.

In addition to this expanded tone circuit, this new version of the Positron Collider features a LOUD switch. This switch changes the clipping from classic ram’s head territory to a modified voicing that is derived from the Colorsound Supa Tonebender. It makes for a fuller distortion and be warned…it is LOUD!

Mythos Pedals Positron Collider, Builder’s Notes

Another Limited Edition pedal inspired by the paranormal catching equipment from the classic 1984 film “Ghostbusters”! The Positron Collider is a unique take on a classic fuzz circuit and offers some unique features you don’t find on your everyday stompboxes. The base circuit began as a classic “Ram’s Head” style fuzz but soon became much more than that.

A unique Treble and Bass tone circuit replaces the single tone knob found on vintage units, these two interactive knobs allow you fine tune the voicing to fit any guitar or bass rig. The Clipping switch allows you choose between classic silicon diode clipping or LED for a more overdriven sound. Fair warning, the LED clipping mode is incredibly loud! The right footswitch engages “Total Protonic Reversal” mode, which lifts the tone stack for a huge boost in volume and shift in EQ for a more full range fuzz tone. The “Active” LED when the pedal is engaged blinks like the classic Ghost Trap and the LED next to the “Intensity” knob lights as you play and it’s brightness is connected to the amount of gain you’re using! This feature and other refinements were done by my good friend and fantastic pedal designer Lawrence Petross (Check out his work here).

All in all the Positron Collider is a Swiss army knife fuzz box that’s so much fun, it’s scary!

  • Inspired by the classic “Proton Pack” & “Ghost Trap” props from “Ghostbusters”
  • Interactive Treble & Bass EQ Controls
  • LED and Classic Silicon Clipping Modes
  • “Total Protonic Reversal” Tone Stack Lift Switch
  • Quality through hole components
  • True Bypass switching
  • Built in Nashville, TN