The DOD Carcosa is a popular fuzz inspired by the dual-voiced evolution of the Maestro FZ-1 (the first fuzz pedal ever built, released in the early ’70s and named FZ-1S).

This is a modern, silicon fuzz that can do a lot more than the other pedals on this list, thanks to a more elaborate set of controls including a high-cut filter, “before” and “after” gain stages to adjust grit and definition, and two modes: Hali for classic FZ-1-style fuzz and Dehme, for a more complex and full voice optimal for high headroom clean amps.

We added it to our guide to the Best Maestro FZ-1 Fuzz Tone Clones & Evolutions.

DOD Carcosa, Builder’s Notes

The DOD Carcosa Fuzz is a doorway into an alternate fuzz universe, where classic tones of legend coexist with splattered and shattered Pollock abstractions. Combining the Carcosa’s wide-ranging AFTER bias control with two toggle positions creates tones that range from porcine fatness to dessicated shards. This versatility makes the Carcosa Fuzz a good companion for dirty or clean amps. True bypass, tons of output, and the visage of the King in Yellow sets the stage for fuzzy madness. The DOD Carcosa Fuzz has an exaggerated mid-range and treble character that help it stand out in a mix. It has been designed to cut through a dense and heavy band but still have great note articulation with chords. However, when extreme bias (AFTER) ranges are selected many wild and over-the-top sounds are possible.