LPD Pedals Broiler

The LPD Pedals Broiler Overdrive is a take on the sought-after D-Style overdrive, i.e. an amp-in-a-box voiced after the tone of the legendary Dumble amps.

With its pre-clipping bass controls and post-clipping mid and treble ones, the Broiler can deliver a wide range of tones from clean to singing sustain, from crunch and full leads, just like the amp that inspired it, but at a (very) small fraction of the cost.

Have a listen for yourself in the videos below.

LPD Pedals Broiler Overdrive, Builder’s Notes

The Broiler is an overdrive of many facets. Much like the D-style amps it is fashioned after, it is capable of many different flavors. The Bass control is pre-clipping, making it very powerful in determining the character of the clipping as well as controlling the low end content of the tone. The Treble and Mid controls are post-clipping, allowing control over the smoothness and presence of the tone. The Mid control is passive giving it a very familiar feel and range at a frequency that is dialed in to perfectly suit the overdrive. From clean to singing sustain, semi-clean to crunch and liquid leads, the Broiler can deliver.