DOD 250 Overdrive Preamp

The new DOD 250 is a faithful reissue of an evergreen classic first released in the early ’70s by circuit designer David Oreste Defrancesco (aka, DOD) as an attempt to create a pedal that could deliver a range of tones from boost to slightly saturated to distorted, something few pedals could offer at the time, when fuzz pedals were extremely popular, with all their lack of subtlety.

Its tone slowly conquered many guitarists, making it one the company’s best-selling pedals, and one of the most popular overdrives ever.

The new 250 sports the LM741 OpAmp just like the original, but offers more output on tap, a modern 9V DC power supply input, true-bypass switching, and a lighter aluminum housing.  Also, the bright blue status LED is a very nice touch.

DOD 250 Overdrive Preamp, Builder’s Notes

The classic returns, first conceived by David Oreste Defrancesco (DOD’s namesake) in the ’70’s as a way to get distortion and boost without any of the downsides that came with some of the fuzzes of the era. This updated version uses the vintage correct LM741 OpAmp, just like back in the ’70’s. Modern appointments like a tough, light, pedalboard friendly aluminum chassis. standard power input jack, true bypass, LED indicator, and bullion gold powder-coat makes the 250 at home on any pedalboard.