BOSS Slkicer SL-2

A generator of rhythmic patterns, the BOSS Slicer SL-2 is the new little brother of one of the most creative pedals in the Japanese brand’s arsenal of pedals, the BOSS SL-20, which is more than twice the size.

More or less like a step sequencer applied to your input, this pedal chops your signal creating sonic patterns that can then be filtered through a variety of effects, producing percussive, tap-tempo controlled sounds in stereo (or mono, if you wish).

The combination of 8 Pattern Types (including single and double slicer effects and Harmonic Tremolo and pitch Vibrato) and 11 Variations opens up a world of possible patterns, which are further expanded by 7 Stereo Out Modes, including Fixed, EFX/Direct, Random, Ping-Pong, Auto, 3D Cross, and 3D Rotation.

The Attack and Duty concentrical knobs have a crucial role in shaping the audio segments, with Attack producing choppier or smoother patterns and Duty controlling the block’s lengths.

The Balance knob allows reintegrating the original signal for a subtler effect, while an output delivering up to 12db can be set through a secondary knob function by holding the pedal’s footswitch. The two inputs also allow to feed it either a stereo signal or two different audios for extra creative possibilities.

Midi connectivity allows to synth it to a DAW or a drum maching or any other Midi device for creative configurations, while the Expression In is also compatible with CV.

The BOSS SL-2 looks like an inspiring pedal for guitarists AND synth players interested in expanding their style beyond “normal” playing. Check out the videos of it!

BOSS Slicer SL-2, Builder’s Notes

Fresh-Sliced Inspiration
Envelop your music in vibrant rhythmic energy with the SL-2 Slicer, an inspiring creative tool filled with colorful sonic grooves. This BOSS original chops your sound into unique percussive patterns—including many processed with internal filters and effects—and provides multiple output options that bring grooves to life across the stereo field.

Evolved from the legacy SL-20 Slicer, the SL-2 offers expanded capabilities while shrinking the size to the pedalboard-friendly BOSS compact format. Instantly elevate performances with 88 onboard patterns and tap into more via the BOSS Tone Studio app. Grab the knobs to tweak audio slices on the fly and sync to songs with tap tempo and MIDI. Fun and easy to use, the SL-2 brings fresh musical power to all types of creators, from guitarists and keyboardists to loop performers, DJs, beatmakers, and beyond.

Compact Audio Adrenaline
The SL-2 brings massive sonic groove muscle to the compact pedal format. Modern DSP takes the BOSS Slicer engine further than ever before, delivering rich, animated sounds via single and dual paths chained with multiple internal effects. Eight pattern types—each with 11 variations—will keep you armed with creative firepower for a long time. When you’re ready for more, connect to BOSS Tone Studio over USB to audition and load alternate patterns into the pedal and organize memory setups for different songs.

Pre-Loaded Pattern Types:

• Single (1 and 2)—Rhythmic patterns that use a single Slicer effect.
• Dual (3 and 4)—Rhythmic patterns that use two Slicer effects.
• Tremolo (5)—Patterns with a traditional tremolo effect.
• Harmonic (6)—Rhythmic patterns with pitch-shifting effects.
• SFX (7 and 8)—Rhythmic patterns with different effects applied.

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Shape Your Groove
With the SL-2’s efficient interface, you can dial in sophisticated textures in seconds. Use the Attack control to shape the edge of the waveform for everything from hard-chopped slices to soft, fluttering movements. Then tweak the waveform’s length with the Duty control, going from sharp, percussive transients to longer, fuller audio blocks. Adjust the tempo with the dedicated knob or hold the pedal switch to engage tap tempo mode for hands-free control. And with the Balance knob and +/-12 dB of output level adjustment, you always have complete control of the mix.

Set the Stage
The SL-2 dishes up loads of impressive sounds with a standard mono setup. But things get even better when using the two outputs and seven different output modes. Send direct and effect sounds to different destinations for recording and performance. Or surround yourself and listeners in animated movement using a variety of stereo and 3D processing options. You can also feed the SL-2 with your favorite stereo pedals to bring further magic to your grooves.

Stereo Output Modes:
• Fixed (Default)—Sends the same direct/effect mix to both outputs.
• EFX/Direct—Sends the effect sound to Output A and the direct sound to Output B.
• Random—A stereo effect that randomly outputs the Slicer sound to the left, right, or center.
• Ping-Pong—A stereo effect that alternately sends the Slicer sound to Output A or Output B.
• Auto—A stereo effect that smoothly pans the Slicer sound between Output A and Output B.
• 3D Cross—Advanced spatial processing moves the Slicer sound in left/right and forward/back patterns in 3D space.
• 3D Rotation—Advanced spatial processing rotates the Slicer sound in 3D space.

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Expand Your Creative Flow
With its generous external control options, the SL-2 flows with your creative needs. Plug in an external footswitch to instantly tap in the tempo or engage the effect with momentary presses. Or connect an expression pedal to control knob parameters or the overall level as you perform. With the TRS MIDI input, you can sync your SL-2 grooves to a drum machine, DAW, or any other device that sends MIDI clock. It’s also possible to control expression, tempo, and bypass functions via MIDI CC messages.


  • The famous BOSS Slicer effect in an advanced compact pedal
  • Instantly create compelling sonic grooves with single and dual Slicer paths processed with multiple internal effects
  • 88 memory locations with pre-loaded patterns (eight types with 11 variations for each)
  • Control the wave shape and length of sliced audio with Attack and Duty knobs
  • Adjust the overall effect level with +/-12 dB range
  • Mono/stereo input and output for integration with any setup
  • Seven stereo output modes: Fixed, EFX/Direct, Random, Ping-Pong, Auto, 3D Cross, and 3D Rotation
  • Connect to the BOSS Tone Studio app (macOS/Windows) via USB to explore and load alternate patterns
  • Control bypass and tap tempo with the onboard pedal switch
  • Connect up to two footswitches or an expression pedal for external parameter control
  • TRS MIDI input for clock sync and CC control
  • BOSS five-year warranty