Gecko Pedals O-Face

The Gecko Pedals O-Face is the second device released by a Eugene, OR-based builder after the very well received Geckoplex tape-style echo.

The O-Face is an analog drive circuit with unique soft-clipping diodes delivering tube-like clipping, integrated with something the builder presents as an entirely origina design (and he might be right!): optical, separate modulation applied to Gain, Tone, and Volume.

Each control’s modulation offers a customizable oscillation mimicking a knob being turned, which can be easily enabled or disabled and assigned to presets. You can set different speed, depth, waveform shape, and phase for each modulation, allowing nearly endless combinations of different effects to be created. An illuminated ring around each button will pulse to display the modulation’s LFO.

Other features include Tap-Tempo, Tap-Hold, Programmable Presets, and a tone filter. Fully MIDI controllable too! The O-Face packs a punch in a compact design.

This very intriguing device can be used in a variety of ways, from pure overdrive, to clean or driven tremolo, all the way to pure sonic experimentation.

Check out the presentation video! We added the Gecko O-Face to our category of creative guitar pedals.

Gecko Pedals O-Face, Builder’s Notes

The O-Face at its core is an overdrive, but it is much, much more. It starts with a fantastic sounding 100% analog high-output drive circuit with a unique soft-clipping diode configuration that was very carefully chosen to produce the most tube-like clipping characteristics. On top of that it adds an industry first: independent optical knob modulation on each of the overdrive control knobs!

Each of the three controls (Gain, Tone, and Volume) has a modulation feature that can be enabled to make it oscillate automatically, sounding as if the knob were being physically turned back and forth from the set-point. Each modulation has its own independently configurable speed, depth, waveform shape, and phase, allowing nearly endless combinations of different effects to be created. Modulations can be enabled or disabled with a simple button press, while an illuminated ring in each button pulses to display the exact modulation waveform.

All modulations can be turned off for a pure overdrive effect, or all turned and configured differently to create really unique warbling sounds, or maybe just turn on one for a more classic tremolo style sound. Plenty of options are there, however they may get used, and the presets can store and recall all of the greatest hits.

In addition to the more front-and-center modulation features, it also packs in loads of other less obvious features, including Tap-Tempo to an easily set the modulation speed, a Tap-Hold feature to ramp to a configurable modulation speed/depth set-point, Programmable Presets that store the whole pedal state including modulation settings, and a neutral tone filter adjustment feature to really sculpt its core tone to get your highs and lows just how you want them to match your rig. It is also fully MIDI controllable with both MIDI input and output jacks.


  • 100% analog 4-stage overdrive circuit.
  • A unique soft-clipping diode configuration that achieves both high output and a soft clipping knee for a tube-like sound.
  • Optical independent knob modulation for each of the three overdrive control knobs.
  • Each modulation pushbutton has an illuminated ring that pulses to visually show the exact modulation waveform.
  • Independent control over each modulation. Each can have its own speed, depth, phase, and wave shape.
  • A tap-tempo switch can easily set the modulation speed.
  • A Tap-hold feature ramps the modulations up or down to a configurable speed and depth set-point.
  • Neutral core tone filter adjustments (in addition to the Tone knob) can be set to sculpt the high and low frequencies.
  • Three programmable presets can be recalled through hardware (and up to 12 through the MIDI interface).
  • Fully MIDI controllable through a compact 1/8? mini-jack MIDI interface.
  • Top-quality all-metal hardware and jacks used throughout.
  • The enclosure is powder coated (not painted), and artwork is printed with epoxy ink for ultimate finish durability.
  • Gold-plated contacts on the circuit board (ENIG finish).
  • Real genuine Hammond Manufacturing all metal enclosure.
  • Silicone wire cable assemblies are used for all peripheral circuit board connections.

Weight and Dimensions:

  • Dimensions: 3.75 in W x 4.72 in D x 3.5 in H (94 mm W x 127 mm D x 62 mm H)
  • Box Dimensions: 6.5 in W x 4.875 in D x 3.625 in H (165 mm W x 124 D x 92 mm H)
  • Weight Without Box: 14 oz (400 g)
  • Weight With Box: 18 oz (512 g)

Each O-Face is hand-crafted in small batches with genuine, quality components and individually hand-numbered. Absolutely everything, including circuit board assembly, machining, powder coating, screen printing, assembly, and testing, is done in-house right here in Eugene, Oregon, U.S.A.

This pedal uses a 1/8? TRS MIDI cable format. Need a MIDI adapter cable? Get one here:

A power supply is not included. Need a dedicated power supply? Get one here: