Mojo Hand FX Stylus

The Mojo Hand FX Stylus is one of the simplest lo-fi effects you may stumble upon, but with its three knobs, it can do all kinds of… “lo-fi damage,” including vinyl and tape style warmth, warble, and other anomalies and artifacts.

It has Hi-Fi and a Lo-Fi modesĀ accessible via the central push button, with the latter adding a limited frequency bandwidth and introducing vinyl-style crackles.

The three knobs deliver the goods promised by their labels:

Degrade introduces random volume dropouts and scratchiness.
Warble adjusts the amount of pitch wobble.
Saturate simulates an overloaded tape, adding grit and analog character.

An internal trim pot allows an increase to the overall output.

We added the Stylous to our comprehensive article about the best Lo-Fi pedals.