ADD Pedals L.A.G. V2

Most guitarists who get the “ambient bug” are always on the lookout for new, creative stompboxes that can widen their textural and spacey tonal options. The ADD Pedals L.A.G. (an acronym for Lofi Atmosphere Generator) promises to do just that, and it was recently updated to V2.

The L.A.G. consists of two delay lines with independent times and feedbacks that, rather uniquely, can be routed in series or parallel or a mix of the two (you can control that through the left knob on the bottom row).

For the uninitiated, when two delays are in series, they feed each other (like plugging the out of your first delay in the input of the second), while when they are in parallel they play alongside each other (like having the guitar signal split in two feeding separate delays going to two different amps).

Version 2 adds a multi-waveform modulation circuit that can affect only one delay, chosen through the Line toggle and featuring its own footswitch (appropriately named Animate). This is a pitch-based modulation that can be controlled through the Speed and Depth knobs.

The four LFO waveforms available are square wave, triangle wave, random wave, or light controlled wave – the latter not being a waveform at all, actually, but rather based on the amount of light received by the photocell placed between the two footswitches, like shown here.

A finalĀ Mix knob lets the player set the desired amount of clean and wet signal.

The results are exceedingly intriguing, as you can hear in the videos below, we added it to our article about the best creative lofi delay pedals.

This was the ADD Pedals L.A.G V1, which didn’t have the modulation section:

ADD Pedals L.A.G.

ADD Pedals L.A.G. V2, Builder’s Notes

The Lofi Atmosphere Generator (or L.A.G.) is a modulated dual delay that almost boarders on an unusual reverb. With two, dark and gritty delay lines that can be routed into each other or in parallel, this device can create ghostly trails that follow your playing.

Delay lines have individual controls for feedback and delay, with repeats that will go to the brink of oscillation, without ever spilling over, and time ranges so short you can create odd resonance effects to so long that repeats get chewed up.

Add movement and warble to the delay with the animate side of the pedal, which can modulate one of the delay lines with a square wave, triangle wave, random wave, or light controlled wave.

You will get lost in this pedal, it takes you someone else. Add space and grit to transform the mood and feeling or your playing. The instruction image provides a breakdown of the controls.

This pedal uses a 9V standard boss-style center negative power supply. .