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Sep 3, 2020

ADD Pedals L.A.G.

Most guitarists who get the “ambient bug” are always on the lookout for new, creative “stompable devices” that can widen their textural and spacey tonal options. A pedal named L.A.G. (acronym for Lofi Atmosphere Generator) by ADD Pedals, promises to do just that.

The ADD Pedals L.A.G. consists of two delay lines with independent times and feedbacks that, rather uniquely, can be routed in series or parallel or a mix of the two (you can control that through the Signal Aligner knob).

For the uninitiated, when two delays are in series, they feed each other (like plugging the out of your first delay in the input of the second), while when they are in series they play alongside each other (like having the guitar signal split in two feeding separate delays going to two different amps).

A final Dry/Wet knob lets the player set the desired amount of clean and effected signal.

The results are exceedingly intriguing, as you can hear in the videos below.