In an effort to make the NAMM experience more enjoyable and productive, this year, guitar pedal blog Delicious Audio has teamed up with over 30 pedal vendors to create a strictly in-the-headphones section of The 2022 NAMM Show.

Located in booth #5239, in the very back of Hall D, the design of the space is conducive to demoing pedals and networking with fellow stompbox aficionados. Participating companies include the following:

3 Degrees, Aviate Audio, Blackstar, BOSS, Collision Devices, Cornerstone Gear, Crazy Tube Circuits, Cusack Music, Dreadbox, DryBell, DSM & Humboldt, Earthquaker Devices, Empress FX, Flamma Innovations, Gamechanger Audio, Henretta Engineering, Hotone, JAM Pedals, Aviate, Keeley Engineering, Mojo Hand Fx, Mr. Black Pedals, Neunaber, One Control, Red Panda Lab, Screwed Circuits, Sunnaudio, Tsakalis  Audioworks, Valeton, Vox, Westminster Pedals.

If your company is interested in participating in this initiative in the upcoming NAMM shows, please add your name below.