Colortone Pedals LoFi Delay

Handcrafted in Syndey, Australia, the Colortone Lo-Fi Delay is a dual-channel delay with each channel having independent Regen (decay) and Time controls, offering three delay types: a pristine hi-fi delay and two lo-fi, tape-style delays with different filtering options.

The circuit has two modes that operate differently and can be activated via theĀ Dry / Wet switch:

In Wet Mode, the delay operates as usual, allowing you to blend the delayed repeats with the original signal using the Regen knob to adjust decay time. In this mode, pressing the SPLASH Footswitch momentarily switches the decay time to match the Regen+ knob setting, enabling more or less regenerative delays while the footswitch is held down. This alternate speed can be controlled via the Div knob which is at a 1:1 ratio at 3 o’clock.

Dry Mode is tailored for silent operation, activating the delay only when the SPLASH footswitch is pressed. It’s perfect for introducing dub-style accents to specific stabs or phrases, incorporating ambient delay splashes, or injecting bursts of wild feedback into your performance