Wren and Cuff have built themselves a reputation for fuzz pedals. The Box of War is a meticulous recreation of the revered Russian Muff – the item is actually sold out and there’s no waiting list for it. Reverb.com just shot this video of it – the pedal can be found used on that platform.

Here’s some comments about the pedal directly from the manufacturer:

What is it? Well many of my fellow Big Muff geeks have already figured it out.
The “Box of War” is a true recreation of the EH “Civil War” Sov***’s. I say “true recreation” because we pride ourselves on truly digging into the vintage units we recreate and go to great lengths to duplicate all aspects of the original circuits to the best of our ability.
The tone is in the details I like to say…
Rest assured we have spared nothing in researching this rare, much-loved, but cheaply made BM pi.