NativeAudio War Party

The NativeAudio War Party is a hand-made, 3-knob distortion pedal developed from the company’s Kiaayo dynamic distortion, but with a definite RAT-style tone and lo- to high-gain flexibility.

The filtering and clipping characteristics of the Kiaayo, combined with the 9-18DVC operation, make this a RAT-style pedal with remarkable dynamics and headroom, delivering asymmetrical clipping typical of tube circuits.

The simple interface keeps faith to the RAT’s control layout, with knobs for Volume, Gain and Tone.

Smart switching, top-mounted jacks and buffered bypass round up the features.

Have a listen to it in the videos below. We added this pedal to our buyer’s guide to the best RAT-style pedals.

NativeAudio War Party Distortion, Builder’s Notes

The War Party is an amp-like overdrive/distortion with touch sensitive dynamic response that is inspired by the NativeAudio™ Kiaayo and the legendary ProCo™ RAT. The streamlined interface includes volume, gain, and tone controls for maximum versatility in any overdrive/distortion application. The War Party bridges the gap between overdrive and distortion with the unique filtering and asymmetrical clipping found in the Kiaayo along with the RAT’s low gain to high gain flexibility.

*NativeAudio is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with ProCo, ProCo’s trademarks, or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates.


Combines the Kiaayo’s filtering and clipping with the RAT’s gain flexibility to create a diverse overdrive/distortion.

Asymmetrical clipping that is tuned to provide a dynamic tube-like response.

Intuitive interface with volume, gain, and tone controls for customizing a wide range of overdrive and distortion tones.

9-18VDC operation provides adjustable headroom for additional overdrive/distortion capabilities.

Smart switching system that provides standard on/off latching and momentary operation.

Top-mounted instrument and power jacks to save pedal board space.

Buffered-bypass design to optimize signal integrity with any instrument cable length.

Power: 9-18VDC, 22mA (center negative)

Dimensions: 2.6”x4.77” (W x L)

About the Artwork:

The War Party is a tribute to my Blackfeet (Amsskaapipiikuni) heritage and to the fearless warriors, both past and present. At a time, when tomorrow was never promised, it was essential for tribes to be well equipped and ready for battle. An effective war party would contain the tribe’s strongest and most disciplined warriors, providing safety to the tribe and its resources. These warriors had the ability to rise against all challenges and would sacrifice their life for the protection of the tribe. The War Party’s artwork is a symbol of the warrior mindset that is still achievable. We are all warriors, and we are equipped to overcome adversity, determined to improve ourselves each day. As a part of your own war party, you are called to live a life with a purpose much larger than yourself.

-Mike Trombley, Founder and CEO