Wren and Cuff Blue Caprid

Vintage Muff replicas are something particularly inspiring for pedal builder, but Wren and Cuff has developed a particularly good reputation in this very specific niche.

Their recently reissued Caprid (the one with red signs, first in production between 2012 and 2017) is an uber-authentic recreation of the highly sought after Ram’s Head Muff and features the original “3003” style circuit board, all carbon composition 1/2 watt “brown-tone” resistors, and Mullard “tropical fish” capacitor clipping sections.

The Blue Caprid is built on the original’s platform but fine-tuned to sound like the so-called “violet” version of that circuit, valued for its smooth fuzz tone.

This is not a small nor a cheap pedal, but it gives you a legendary vintage muff tone in a more reliable and affordable package than the original, now going for close to a grand.

Here’s the first video of the Wren and Cuff Blue Caprid.