Fowl Sound Box Cutter Octave Down Fuzz

The Fowl Sound Box Cutteris a not-for-the-faint-of-heart collaboration between a company that has built a reputation for pedal geared to extreme metal genres and Youtuber Zach of Fuzz Drones. It’s a very interesting Octave fuzz with a 3-band EQ, and it’s got faders!

The fuzz sounds massive and with incredibly long sustain thanks to the circuit running internally at 18v. It was designed to excel with low tuned guitars.

The two faders on the right give you independent controls for the fuzz and the lower octave. The latter has a dedicated footswitch and can be set at -2 or -1 via a toggle switch. The fuzz and the octave are in parallel, and the latter by itself can sound rather synthy in a square wave kind of way.

The 3 faders on the left allow frequency sculptingĀ of the fuzz channel only, via a 3-wav EQ voiced after the BOSS HM2. There is no “fuzz gain” control, but the EQ can add a lot of variety in terms of tone.

A separate toggle activates a gate that does a good job in taming the noise in between riffs, but is better in the off position for droney parts.