Wren and Cuff Garbage Face Jr

J Mascis is a genius multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter who, at his creative peak in the late ’80s and early ’90s, inspired a generation of young slackers with a couple of unforgettable noise-pop records under the Dinosaur Jr. moniker. The distorted guitar tone he came up with in tracks like Feel the Pain is ingrained in the brain of those fans, in particular those among them who play electric guitar. The Wren and Cuff Garbage Face Jr., created in collaboration with J Mascis himself, recreates the tone of his legendary early 70’s “Ram’s Head” Big Muff.

The pedal is actually one half of the (Senior?) Garbage Face, released in 2020 and featuring a dual gain circuit including both Mascis’ muff and Rangemaster-style treble boost.

The Jr version of it, released on popular demand, is a much simpler stompbox featuring just three controls for Volume, Gain and Tone, by a builder with a super solid reputation in cloning vintage muffs.

Wren and Cuff Garbage Face Jr, Builder’s Notes

What is the Garbage Face Jr pedal?

Matthew Holl (owner of Wren and Cuff) has had a working relationship with Dinosaur Jr’s J Mascis for many years now. After years of working together, Matthew approached J with the idea of doing a signature pedal based on J’s favorite vintage Muff pedal.

That pedal, an early 70’s “Ram’s Head” Big Muff® purchased by J on tour in 1987, was the model used to create the Garbage Face Jr. Matthew and J worked together to ensure that the final unit was a dead on replica of his treasured pedal.

That idea became The Garbage Face, J’s full-size dual volume Fuzz/Treble-Booster signature pedal. Following its release, there were requests for a stripped down three knob version of the distortion side of that pedal only.

The Garbage Face Jr answers that request.

Now is your chance to have the magic of of J’s #1 vintage muffer in a small pedalboard-friendly enclosure, with artwork that captures J’s love of bold colors and playful imagery.

You won’t be disappointed.

• Meticulous recreation of J’s favorite vintage muffer

• 1/2 of the original Garbage Face

• True hard-wire bypass

• Lifetime warranty