3pedals eblast1

JHS Pedals just announced the release of three new stompboxes:

  1. A brand new reverb design called Spring Tank, a reverb that emulates the effect produced by the spring reverbs found in vintage guitar amps. The most interesting feature of this pedal is its ability to switch on the fly between two reverb dry/wet mix settings through the Tank 1 and Tank 2 knobs, triggered by the Tank 2 footswitch.
  2. Version 2 of The Kilt Overdrive/Boost – Kilt V2 – with a smaller footprint and just one footswitch.
  3. A mod of Electro Harmonix’s Green Russian Big Muff Pi called “Chernobyl Mod” (promising name…)

Check out the video for each one of them in the gallery below! (No video yet for the Chernobyl Mod)