EarthQuaker Devices Blumes
The EarthQuaker Devices Blumes is an overdrive pedal that can deliver a wide range of tones, from crunchy to clean. This pedal is based on the classic screamer circuit, but with some modifications that make it more suitable for bass players.

The Blumes is an all-analog pedal that uses internal bipolar power to provide more headroom and dynamics. It has a tri-mode soft clipping switch that lets you choose between three different types of distortion: symmetrical LED, clean OpAmp, and asymmetrical silicon. Each mode has its own character and response, giving you more options to shape your sound.

The Blumes also has double the gain and a deeper bass response than the original screamer, which means it can retain all the low end and push your tube amp to the edge. It has a simple control layout, with Volume, Tone, and Gain knobs, and a true bypass switch. The pedal is housed in a sturdy metal enclosure, with a bright blue LED indicator and a standard 9V DC power jack.

The Earthquaker Devices Blumes is a versatile and powerful bass overdrive pedal that can handle any genre and style. Whether you want to add some grit and punch to your clean tone, or unleash some face-melting distortion.