Universal Audio Max Preamp and Compressor

The Universal Audio UAFX Max Preamp & Dual Compressor is part of a triad of pedals from their UAFX line released by the pro audio manufacturer at NAMM 2023. A particular take on dynamics, the Max is rather unique in the stompbox realm in providing two compressors in one device.

A digital circuit with three modes for each channel, the Max leverages Universal Audio’s unmatched experience in the field of vintage studio gear emulation, which has fed their incredibly successful mixing plugins, which include digital recreations of evergreen classic compressors like the Teletronix LA2A and the Urei 1176.

Both these emulations are found in the two channels of the Max (Opto LA2A and Fet 1176) plus a third “Dyna” compressor based on the MXR Dyna Comp, a classic stompbox featured in many iconic records. and particularly sweet-sounding on sliding guitar.

The Max also features a preamp stage voiced after the Universal Audio UA610 preamp and EQ, which can add saturation, harmonics and grit to your tone. Its EQ settings can be controlled via the free app, together with other relevant settings like serial/parallel operation, sidechain bass filter, etc.

Universal Audio UAFX Max, Builder’s Notes

Built upon award-winning UAFX dual-engine processing and a burning desire for the ultimate in sonic legitimacy, Max Preamp & Dual Compressor puts the colorful sound of three legendary limiters and an iconic tube preamp, right at your feet.

  • Get the classic compression colors of a Teletronix LA-2A, UA 1176, and Dyna Comp,* all in one pedal
  • Explore the grit and character of UA’s legendary 610 tube mic preamp
  • Stack compressors in any combination for even more tones and textures
  • Tweak preamp EQ settings, serial/parallel operation, add a sidechain bass filter, and more with the UAFX Control app

Explore Iconic Compression with the UA 1176
From the mind of UA founder Bill Putnam to your pedalboard, Max gives you the same FET compressor used on decades of legendary studio guitar sounds, whether you’re looking to make your funk a little funkier, add soulful sustain, or inject subtle infusions of tone.

Get Warm Tube Compression with the Teletronix LA?2A
This legendary optical tube limiter gives you softer, warmer dynamics control versus the 1176. Plus, you can fine tune your compression with a pedal-exclusive Ratio feature, for limiting beyond the vintage hardware and UAD plug?in versions.

Create Funky, Dirty Tones with the Classic Dyna Comp
Add the grimy squeeze of this (in)famous red box to your sounds for lo-fi compression and funky overdrive — perfect for sleazy slide tones.

Add a Legendary UA 610 Tube Preamp to Your Rig
Get the warm detail and character of UA’s iconic tube preamp and EQ, and dial in killer sounds with the perfect amount of harmonics and grit.

Stack Compressors for Tones that Go Beyond the Norm
With Max, you can easily layer compressors in any combination for a dizzying array of sounds and textures, letting you push your tones to the front no matter how much limiting you apply.

Personalize your Pedal with a Mobile App
With the UAFX Control app, you can tweak EQ settings, get serial/parallel operation, and add a sidechain bass filter for fully customized compression and preamp effects.