Updated Apr. 3, 2020

Breakers is an overdrive by Australian company Bondi Effect (makers of the sought after “klone” Sick As) that was recently highlighted by Colllector//Emitter.

Besides your usual controls for Level, Gain, Bass and Treble, It features a toggle switch in the middle of the pedal that changes its voltage from 9v (up position) to 18v (down position) for a more or less compressed/dynamic sound.

What started as a revision to our Del Mar Overdrive, quickly took on a whole new character – something altogether unique. A pedal that was more than worthy in its own right. Introducing ‘Breakers Overdrive’ by Bondi Effects.

‘Breakers’ was inspired from our namesake, Bondi Beach. ‘Bondi’ is aboriginal for “the sound of waves breaking on the rocks”.

While we could try to impress you with fancy cliches like “natural and amp-like”, or “rich, focused, smooth overdrive”, or maybe something really obscene like “transparent and organic” – and while we do feel the Breakers Overdrive is all of these things – we’d rather let you decide for yourself by watching this demo video from Reverb.com


  • Clean Boost, Overdrive or a blend of the two.
  • Dynamic and natural, responsive to your pick attack or volume knob.
  • Internally boosted to 18 volts for maximum headroom and clarity.
  • Toggle switch controls the amount of headroom and character of the drive.
  • Powerful active tonestack, capable of 15dB of boost or cut
  • Soft touch buffered bypass switching
  • Current Consumption 60mA