I guess we have the first COVID-19 inspired guitar pedal, people!

The RIFF Instant Tone Sanitizer is Alexander Pedal’s limited edition Class A boost/preamp. The three knobs (Kills, Most, Germs) control output, highs and voicing – turn the latter to the left for a more mellow tone and to the right for a fatter saturated one.

Attention, the germs this pedal kills are imaginary, it does NOT work as hand sanitizer!

Laughter in the face of adversity is the true sound of perseverance.

Riff Instant Tone Sanitizer is a limited edition discrete Class-A Preamp designed to crank smiles and boost spirits during these unique and challenging times. As part of a proactive harmonic health regime, Riff safeguards against the omnipresent threat of tonal anemia and ensure optimal signal chain performance when used as directed.

Alexander Pedals will donate $10 from each sale of Riff Instant Tone Sanitizer to Inter-Faith Food Shuttle to help make a tangible difference in the real lives of those affected. To learn more about Inter-Faith Food Shuttle please visit https://www.foodshuttle.org