Built by a pro audio Singapore-based company, the Alabs Novadrift is a $99, compact, stereo, DSP-powered multi-modulation pedal from the company’s new line of stompboxes, currently comprising four models sold mostly through Amazon.

There are 9 modulation modes (Vibe, Chorus, Multi-Chorus, Phaser, Filter, Rotary, Flanger, Tremolo, and Ring Mod) and, besides the expected controls for Rate, Depth, and Mix, there’s also a Tone control that can be changed to a mode-dependent X control (how to do that is not clear to us at this moment).

On top of that, when the toggle switch is on the up position, holding the footswitch for a few seconds will activate Tap Tempo mode for controlling the LFO’s rate. Switching the toggle to the down position will activate¬†Explore Mode, an automated expression parameter control that – and we’ll quote the builder here because the description is not very clear – ” can memorize the variation curves of the RATE / DEPTH /MIX and TONE parameters within a 5-second timeframe for playback,” producing complex creative effects by holding down the footswitch.

If you like how it sounds and need a pedal that can cover all your modulation needs, the Alabs Novadrift, for $99, looks like a deal.