UAFX Universal Audio UAFX OX Stomp

The UAFX Universal Audio OX Stomp represents the American company’s entry in the growing market of cab simulator pedals, although the company already had a similar desktop product with speaker modeling technology simply called OX. This stompbox unit inherits some of that technology and adds a lot more features.

The Ox Stomp integrates with your preferred amp-in-a-box pedal or digital amp modeler to enhance your tone using its 22 speaker/cab combinations, driven by Universal Audio’s Dynamic Speaker Modeling technology. This includes a Speaker Drive knob that allows you to simulate the sound of the input of the cabinet breaking up.

The two Mic Level knobs assignable to 3 vintage mic emulations each (dynamic, condenser and ribbon) and a Room knob for ambience allow to recreate the classic 3-microphone recording studio technique.

Ox Stomp also offers a comprehensive selection of delay, compression, reverb, modulation, and EQ parameters accessible via the UAFX Control app.

The 6-position rig knob is basically a preset selector, providing access to six of your preferred cab/mic/effect combinations.

Like all the other pedals in the UAFX line, the OX Stomp has two footswitches; the second one can be configured in various ways to trigger specific effects (via the app) or to function as a mirror to the A footswitch.

The routing is also next level, with two stereo/dual in/outs which are also configurable through the app.

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UAFX Universal Audio OX Stomp, Builder’s Notes

Say Goodbye to Static-Sounding IRs
Going far beyond the one-dimensional captures of Impulse Response systems, only UA’s groundbreaking Dynamic Speaker Modeling convincingly emulates speaker breakup, drive, and cone cry — providing harmonics and sonic complexity indistinguishable from a perfectly studio-miked speaker cabinet.

Experience Award-winning Room Emulation
In addition to expertly placed close condenser, dynamic, and ribbon mics on your cabs, OX Stomp is the only effects pedal to offer a complete selection of room mics with Dynamic Room Modeling. This gives you the authentic experience of pushing air while recording your cranked amp in a world-class tracking room.

Enjoy Studio-Quality Effects
Beyond mic and speaker cabinet modeling, OX Stomp also lets you craft stunning guitar sounds with UA effects like genuine 1176 compression, plate reverb, chorus, flange, three delay types, and four-band EQ with high and low-cut filters.

Expand the Tones of any Amp-in-a-Box Modeler
Whether you’re using a UAFX amp emulator pedal or other popular amp modelers, multi-effects, or profilers — even your favorite amp’s preamp line out — OX Stomp gives you over 100 curated RIG setups, giving you inspiring sounds for any amp type or genre, right out of the box.*

Customize your OX Stomp with a Full-Featured Mobile App
With the UAFX Control app, you can easily swap cabs and mics, fine-tune effects, assign RIG presets, and configure footswitches to instantly toggle sounds and/or effects, for a pro studio’s worth of tones on your pedalboard.