Norvdang No.1 Signature

Nordvang is an emerging Danish builder that’s been gaining popularity mostly for their dual overdrive pedals, some of which include a Klon-style channel (and sometimes two!).

Their No.1 Signature Overdrive is the refined version of their first pedal, released in 2014, and it’s also a take on the Klon circuit.

While the original No. 1 was a “tweaked” version of that legendary circuit, this new version is presented as an “as close as we can get” simulation of the Klon’s tone and feel, following the K-circuits’ supply voltage scheme.

However, the insertion of a Pre Drive Toggle takes this pedal one step beyond, adding a fixed cascading lo-gain overdrive circuit preceding the K-style one. With its asymmetrical soft-clipping and slightly mid-focused frequency response, this extra gain stage integrates perfectly with the following circuit and extends its tonal palette, both in the gain and frequency realms.

On top of that, a 3-way toggle labeled “Clipping” lets you select between Germanium diodes, Schottky diodes or no diodes in the overdrive stage for extra dynamic and tonal flavors:

– Germanium diodes – low headroom and most compression.
– Schottky diodes – Higher headroom, more punchy low end and less compression.
– No diodes – Loads of headroom and no compression. At higher gain settings it will get LOUD.

Here’s the first video of the Norvdang No.1 Signature. We added it to our list of the best Klon Centaur Evolutions.