Rorschach Devices Misophenia

Name after the word signifying “an overwhelming sensation or strong emotional response triggered by specific aural stimuli”, the Rorschach Devices Misophenia is a high-end distortion pedal designed with both power and flexibility in mind.

The special feature of this pedal is theĀ two EQ voicings selectable via theĀ Chug toggle switch in the center of the pedal.

In the up position, Misophenia is a mile-long freight train chugging at bullet-train speeds. Access a thick, saturated distortion that’s tight and harmonically balanced, yet capable of taking you to the furthest reaches of edge and aggression.

In the down position, the circuit delivers a grittier tone great for blues and other genres requiring a more subtle mid-gain distortion.

In the up position, things get thick yet tight, with a saturated distortion that can take you down darker and rockier paths, or be extreme enough to satisfy the needs of metal adventurers.

Have a listen to the Misophenia in the video below.