Power girl band (or girl power band?) The Beaches made quite a splash last year in Toronto. In honor of our upcoming first Toronto Stompbox Exhibit, we asked guitarist Kylie Miller to tell us about her favorite guitar pedals… here’s what she had to say!

“Here’s my pedal board, pretty simple rig going on. For my main sounds, I use a modded [EHX] Big Muff and an overdrive (Lexi by DMB Pedals ) which sounds like a Marshall amp. My new favorite pedals on my board are my [EQD] Bit Commander and my 1974 MXR Phase 90 pedal. The Bit Commander is a badass octave fuzz made by EarthQuaker Devices that sounds like a quirky mix of Jack White and Tame Impala. It bulks up any riff or solo. I rarely use the Phaser pedal, but it has a super authentic 70’s psychedelic sound that I love. It can be heard quite distinctly on our track “Zsa Zsa”, off of our second EP, “Heights.””

We also notice a TC Electronic Flashback X4 delay, a Subdecay Spring Theory Reverb and an Ernie Ball Volume Pedal. BOSS and Voodoo Labs provide tuner and power unit.

Check out the video of the band’s hit single ‘Loner,’ and the song mentioned by Kylie ‘Zsa Zsa’ below.