Electro Harmonix 1

This week we give all musicians playing electric or electronic instruments the opportunity to refresh their sonic palette with a giveaway including not one, not two, but… FOUR truly awesome effect pedals by NYC’s Electro-Harmonix, for an aggregate value close to $1k!

We have a nice assortment with a multi-mode stereo delay, an extremely tweakable stereo polyrhythmic modulator, a polyphonic pitch-shifter and a classic Triangle Big Muff fuzz!

All these pedals work as well with guitar as they do with synths in creating inspiring, lush, and sometimes even unexpected textures, in particular when used together!

Check out what they can do in the videos below, you’ll find the giveaway sign-up form at the bottom.

This giveaway is open to the entire world. To get a chance to win, compile the form below and submit it by 09.05.2021!

By clicking the “Submit” button, you agree to the Official Rules & Regulations.

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