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Keith Vonderhulls, the mind behind the beloved Build Your Own Clone idea, has launched another guitar pedal-related company called Big Tone Brewery.  One of their best designs comes in the form of a stereo vibrato – dubbed the Maggie. Designed as an emulation of the legendary Fender Magnatone 280 in mind, the Maggie offers simple controls, and very warm analog tones.

Existing somewhere between a vibrato and tremolo, the Maggie is pleasant blend of the two, with just a knob for ‘Speed’, one for ‘Depth’ and a switch to select mono or stereo operation. Rock solid construction and true bypass switching round out the feature set.

While the Maggie might not be what everyone is looking for in a tremolo, the Maggie will allow those interested in that evocative Magnatone effect to achieve that warm, unique sound reminiscent of a marriage between tremolo and a Leslie effect, with a little pitch modulation thrown in. – Brandon Stoner