Stoy Fuzzmaster Fuzz

Stoy Sound is an emerging Danish pedal builder that, in early 2022, unveiled a line comprising 9 different pedals. The Fuzzmaster is a hybrid take on the Muff-style fuzz, with mods to increase versatility.

It can deliver a range of fuzzy tones from smooth overdrive to gnarly extremes. An expression output that sets the range of the sustain level, which is the gain.

Check out the videos of the Stoy Sound Fuzzmaster, below. We added this pedal to our article about the best Big Muff clones and evolutions.

Stoy Fuzzmaster Fuzz, Builder’s Notes

STOY Fuzzmaster is a hybrid Muff style fuzz. From the restrained overdrive sound and light fuzziness to over the top biting fuzz. Many textures and character traits can be summoned with the Volume, Sustain and Tone controls.

The Fuzzmaster also has an expression output that sets the range of the sustain level. It provides a great dynamic range from smooth overdrive to full throttle fuzz.

The Fuzzmaster has a soft-click footswitch so no worries about popping sounds or sore feet, if you prefer to play barefooted.

Volume: Volume control for the output signal.
Sustain: Adjusts the amount of Fuzz.
Tone: Provides a range of sounds from high treble to roaring bass.
Power Requirements: DC9V
Current Consumption: 10mA