3Degrees Audio Bygones V3

3Degrees Audio is the pedal company of Mark Seel, the dude who does most of the DSP programming at Chase Bliss Audio. The Bygones is the builder’s first release (and only, to date). It’s a stereo, “nostalgic” multi-effect with presets that adds all sorts of degrading effects to your tone.

There is very little documentation about this pedal, but a look at the controls is enough to understand the basics: there are four effects in series with three knobs; each knob has two functions – the second function can be accessed by holding down the footswitch.

Here’s the list of effects:

  1. Tone, comprising a High Cut and a Low Cut filter with a synth-lie Resonance knob to highlight the frequency just before the Low Cut filter.
  2. Noise, comprising vinyl-style artifacts like Pop, Hiss and Stutter, which is basically similar to the skipping of a record.
  3. Pitch is probably the least intuitive of the bunch: Jitter and Warp are two different pitch modulations, whose speed can be set using the alt function each know has. The Scrape knob simulates the sound of a tape or record brushing against something, like a very fast flutter.
  4. Delay features a straightforward Blend and Delay (time) knob, while the Regen controls the delay’s feedback, which can get into self oscillation territory.

The secondary knob functions aren’t explained in the V3 pictures, but the Pedal of the Day video below can unveil some of them.

This looks like a super fun, creative pedal, it’s also Midi compatible. New versions of it are coming out fast (it’s already at V3 in about half a year) and it looks like there’s a 3-4 month waiting list!

We added it to our article about the best LoFi guitar pedals.