JPTR FX Jive Reel Saturator

The JPTR FX Jive Reel Saturator is a pedal based on the gain structure of a tape machine that adds anything from light distortion to fuzz sounds through various gain stages”

JPTR FX Jive Reel Saturator, Builder’s Notes

Somehow I found an old Akai gx 210d, one of those old tape machines your grandpa was using when listening to his recordings.

This device had a lovely saturation when you plugged your guitar into and dialled everything in the red area.

The sound of the old reel to reel tapes; girth that I was obsessed with.

This is what the JIVE – REEL Saturatior exactly reflects. If you want to add some age to your guitar, bass, synth, whatever and like to get some of the old vintage vibe and feel. You can use it as a volume boost, semi transparent overdrive, ennoble your sound with variable distortion or tear some walls down with a LOTS of DB. It is up to you.

You have 3 switches for some extra age, which add different types of gain to your sound.

If you are into lofi garage whatever or just want to make your synth sound like 1972, this is your dream come true.

Controls: Gain/Volume/diode clipping

runs at 9v to 18v