mad professor ruby red booster[1]

Finland-based amp and pedal manufacturer Mad Professor has begun shipping their new Ruby Red Booster pedal ($169). This pedal is a combination of two boosters, based on the BJF Little Red Trebler and the Red Rooster Booster, and you can use it as a treble boost, clean boost, or as an overdrive pedal.

The Booster circuit in this unit boasts 40dB of gain, which allows you to achieve heavy overdrive at high settings, while the treble boost has 15dB of gain and is frequency and bandwidth tuned to help your treble cut through the mix. The master volume control lets you adjust output when using the pedal for distortion, and it also controls the tonal level of the two boosters. Depending on how you set the three controls, the pedal can provide nice clean gain or loads of overdrive, and anything in between. Additionally, inside the Ruby Red Booster there is a switch that will set the pedal to either buffered or true bypass mode, depending on your pedalboard situation. –Mike Bauer