prod img beta181 cs

Coming this fall from Shure: A compact side-address condenser mic with interchangeable capsules. The Beta 181 will be the company’s first wired mic to have swappable polar pattern capsules (cardioid, supercaridioid, omnidirectional, bidirectional) that attach to the mic body with a locking ring for a secure connection.

With it’s extremely compact profile and side-address capsule, the 181 lets you use a condenser in tight miking conditions where large diaphragm mic’s simply wouldn’t fit. Whether you’re placing it on a drum kit, guitar amp, or inside a piano, you should be able to get close to the source without much hassle – plus the inclusion of switchable capsules further increases it’s versatility. Like other microphones in the Beta family, the 181 features sturdy construction, low handling noise, and high gain before feedback, which tailor it for live sound applications in addition to studio use.

The 181 will retail for $499 with one capsule, windscreen, stand mount, and carrying case. Additional capsules will sell for $249 apiece, while the preamp body on it’s own will also be available for $249. Expect it in stores November 15th. –Mike Bauer