GUP Tech Mad Chiou

The GUP Tech Mad Chiou is a two-in-one pedal by a young, family-operated Quebecois company launched in the late ’10s and laser-focused on releasing affordable and fun-looking gain pedals, including some variants on venerable vintage circuits. It’s a combination of two of its most popular pedals: the GrndR and the Le Chiou.

The GrindR’s circuit is on the right side, with its 20db of clean boost, bypassable preamp (controlling the bass and treble knobs), and two flavors of high-pass filter, named “Grind” or the “33.”

The left side features the Le Chiou, with its (also) bypassable 3-band eq. A Tight knob cuts the lower frequencies to help your guitar stand out in a dense mix, while the Boost knob delivers a hefty amount of volume – careful with that!

Each boost has its own footswitch, allowing them to be played separately (great for switching from rhythm to lead) or stacked, for “next-level of gain” scenarios.

Check out the sound of the GUP Tech Mad Chiou in the videos below.

GUP Tech Mad Chiou Boost, Builder’s Notes

Our Mad Chiou is a dual pedal of our classic GrindR and Le Chiou, both Boost-EQ pedal.

All in the same pedal, the result is a two-in-one boost unit for your high gain amp.

Right side is the GrindR EQ Boost, a 3-in-one based on the TC integrated preamp with the Grind/33 EQ high pass filter at the flick of a toggle.

Left side is our Le Chiou, bypassable 3-band eq with Tight knob and more volume you’ll ever need.

Power consumption : 61mA

Voltage : 9Vdc center negative. Anything higher will blow some stuff.