For most pedal lovers, it will take about three seconds glance to gather what kind of pedal is the Guitar & Gear Gus Gone Mad. Yep, it’s a RAT clone.

Hand-built by a tiny Norwegian manufacturer, this pedal expands on the palette of the classic rodent distortion with three clipping options (stock Silicon, no diodes and Turbo RAT-style LED) accessible through the toggle switch, and an extra Freq(uency) knob, which interacts with the Filter control to concoct a variety of unequivocally RAT-style distortion tones – with a particular emphasis on mid-low frequencies – that are impossible to get from the original units.

Here’s the first video of the Guitar & Gear Gus Gone Mad, using several configurations, we added this pedal to our article about the best RAT-style distortion pedals.

1:28 In the Mix
3:54 Controls
5:48 Single Coil Silicon
8:06 Single Coil No Diodes
9:50 Single Coil LED
11:43 Humbucker Silicon
13:19 Humbucker No Diodes
14:36 Humbucker LED
16:08 Closing Thoughts

Guitar & Gear Gus Gone Mad, Builder’s Notes