tc1s g

For the Eco-friendly guitarist in your band, Tascam now has a solar-rechargeable chromatic tuner: the TC-1S. A bank of solar cells on the front of the unit charge the tuner’s internal battery, and a nylon strap and clip allow you attach it to the outside of your gig bag so it will actually see some daylight. However, if you find yourself playing a subterranean show, there’s a USB input that can quickly charge the unit as well.

The TC-1S has a 1/4″ input and built-in microphone, and a bar graph display with four display modes (Bar, Fine, Strobe Animation, and Needle). In Fine mode, pitch is displayed with 1-cent accuracy. You can also tune up to a piano or other external source using the unit’s calibration setting. Coming in at $40, the TC-1S will save you from constantly stocking up on batteries, and it’s a much more affordable way to ‘green’ up your rig than this solar-powered guitar amp. –Mike Bauer