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NYC’s Pigtronix was one of the early adopters of the mini-pedal format (the Disnortion Micro dates back to 2014). Since then, the company took a few years off (or at least that’s the perception) to focus on the revamping of the recently acquired Supro brand, and finally re-emerged with new models in 2017.

Their latest products are a new line of mini-pedals which includes the Octava Micro, an expanded version of the octave up found in the original Disnortion.

Check out this video by Mike Hermans.

Pigtronix Octava Micro is an expanded version of the octave up found in the original Pigtronix Disnortion pedal. This all-analog frequency doubler has an on-board low pass filter control that allows you to achieve singing octave up tones, anywhere on the neck, without adjusting your guitar’s tone control.

Playing stable intervals such as octaves, 4ths and power chords result in gnarly, tweezed out grind, while other intervals create ring- modulator textures in all registers while Drive, Blend and Fuzz controls have been added to the original 2-knob design for added signal power and overall flexibility. A variable Drive circuit on the front end allows the musician to tailor the harmonic response of the of the octave circuitry to suit any set of pickups. The octave up is wired in series before a fuzz circuit that can be activated by a push button switch, allowing this micro pedal to produce the devastating, full-wave rectified distortion found in the original, large-format unit. The entire drive, octave, fuzz effect can then be mixed with the original clean signal using the Blend control to taste.

  • Analog Octave Up
  • Variable Low Pass Filter
  • Variable Front-end Drive
  • Switchable High-Gain Fuzz
  • Master Blend
  • True Bypass
  • Size = 3.75? x 1.5? x 1.75?
  • Runs on 9V external Power
  • Sound design by Thomas Elliott