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We were particularly proud to host in our Stompbox Booth one of the most powerful overdrive pedals presented at the NAMM 2018 convention. We are talking about the 6 Degrees Amplitude Eleven, an extremely flexible two channel overdrive with an added preamp section featuring Gain and 2 way EQ, plus switchable Germanium, Asymmetrical, and Silicon voicing.

Here’s a recent video by Shnobel:

You’ll find below both the video of it we shot at NAMM and also the one Gearmandude shot just before the event. More info about the pedal can be found here and at the bottom of this page.

Discover more new devices in our comprehensive, interactive page of new pedals announced at NAMM 2018.


100% hand wired in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. 6 Degrees FX uses only the top notch components such as:

  • Custom 6 Degrees FX branded polypropylene capacitors (audio caps)
  • 1/2 watt carbon composition resistors
  • Pro audio grade Hi-Fi op amp
  • Pro audio grade potentiometer
  • 20 AWG solid core cloth wire
  • Custom high grade aluminum enclosure

Amplitude ELEVEN offers many practical features such as:

  • Rhythm & lead channel with blue and red LED indicator and dedicated foot switch
  • Flexible preamp with active 2-band EQ (Treble & Bass)
  • 3 clipping modes for advanced voicing options. (G.A.S. switch – Germanium, Asymmetrical, Silicon)
  • True point to point  construction
  • Space saving top mounted input/output & power jacks
  • Slanted design for easier access