Bleak District Electric Antistatic Fuzz

The Bleak District Electric Antistatic is a quirky compact pedal hailing from the UK that blends a fuzz circuit with a micro-looper more apt at crating glitchy effects than actual loops.

The design is simple but fun. The fuzz, of the gated kind in all its spittiness, is engaged via the left footswitch and only features one knob for gain. The Loop can be turned on in latch or momentary mode via the right footswitch.

The loop time can range between 50ms to 3.5s and its length is set via the large central knob, with the Range knob giving access to to shorter or longer loop times.

Check out what this pedal can do, we added it to our article about crazy, weird and unusual fuzz pedals.

Bleak District Electric Antistatic, Builder’s Notes

A glitchy and gated fuzz with a built in micro looper.

Key Features:-

– Knarly, gltchy, gated fuzz!

– Nano/micro looper 50ms to 3.5s.

– Unnecessarily large control knob for loop time.

– Looper engaged by momentary footswitch or latching toggle.

– Two position ‘Range’ switch gives access to shorter or longer loop times.

– True bypass, top mounted jacks and power socket for 9v center negative (Boss type).

The fuzz rips. It’s velcro-y, gated, glitchy, positively full to the brim of buzz words, and to be honest I love the fuzz on it’s own. But… Sometimes more is more. So there’s more.

The looper can sample snippets (50ms-3.5s) of your fuzzed up tone and repeat them indefinitely. It is activated either by the momentary footswitch, for on the fly glitches or riff articulations, or a latching toggle switch, for those times you want to leave it running. You can release the switches briefly (or not) and let in other snippets of audio replacing parts of the loop. With the longer loop times this lets you quickly build some really interesting patterns.

Controls wise you have a master volume, controlling how loud it all is (and it can be loud!) and also a large knob setting the time of the loop. The ‘Range’ toggle sets the range of the control knob between longer and shorter loops.

Top mounted jacks and power. Power is 9v centre negative Boss style.