Mooer E7

Since we posted this article about the best synth pedals a few weeks ago, we’ve had a series of releases of new products belonging to that category, and today’s announcement by Chinese manufacturer MOOER represents some sort of turning point because their new E7 synth pedal is the first stompbox of this kind in a mini format – and yes, it’s a polyphonic synth pedal, i.e. it can play chords! (More about monophonic vs. polyphonic here).

Belonging to the company’s Micro series, the E7 offers 7 different analog synth sounds and an arpeggiator function. Seven led lights on the left side of the pedal indicate the chosen patch, which can then be edited through the four top knobs: Attack, Speed, High Cut and Low Cut.

The choice of synth tones range from trumpet and organ-like effects to ambient synth pads and even an 8-bit setting reminiscent of classic video game soundtracks.

In case you are wondering, the Speed knob controls the speed of the Arpeggiator, and although the pedal has both high and low pass filters, it looks like there is no Resonance function.

The Save button allows you to store up to seven presets, while the device’s Firmware is upgradeable via USB.

Check out the videos of the Mooer E7, below.

  • MOOER E7, the pocket guitar synth pedal?7 type brand-new synth tones, straightforward to use by adding 7 LED indicators on the right side of the shell.
  • 7 different MOOER custom synthesizer tones, you are able to adjust any synth tones just how you like,versatile synthesizer tones.Synths types include Trumpet,Organ,Sea wave,Weeyo,Saw wave,8bits,EDM,Pad.
  • 7 slots for storing users’ presets that E7 can transform your guitar into a typical electronic synthesizer, without the need for special pickups or instrument modifications.
  • Each tone with an individual arpeggiator, high/low frequency cut, attack, speed function, allow users to shape the tone in their mind easily, explore the horizon of tone with the E7.
  • Firmware upgradeable via USB,power supply 9V DC recommended.