Pigtronix Gamma Drive

In the pedal world, overdrives are a niche that is for the most part based on technology that’s not particularly innovative, but the folks at Pigtronix have gotten us used to devices the push the technological envelope: their Gamma Drive does just that, through a circuit that features a unique mixture of germanium, LED and silicon diodes that deliver natural saturation that increasingly breaks up as the player’s dynamics get heavier.

The pedal can deliver a range of overdrive from clean boost to a full-on distortion, while the two-way EQ section allows for sculpting of treble and bass frequencies.

Take a listen to the sound of the Pigtronix Gamma Drive in the videos below.

Gamma Drive is a germanium-enhanced overdrive with active Treble and Bass EQ controls. Achieving articulate, touch-sensitive performance characteristics via a unique mixture of germanium, LED and silicon diodes arranged to produce asymmetrical clipping, Gamma Drive offers overdrive rich in 2nd order harmonics, which creates sweet, blooming tone. Offering a range of overdrive from sparkling clean boost to a raging distortion, Gamma Drive was designed for versatile playing across a wide variety of musical genres.

Gain: Sets the amount of distortion
Volume: Sets the output level
Treble: Boosts or cuts high frequencies centered at 2kHz
Bass: Boosts or cuts low frequencies centered at 80Hz.

Gamma Drive’s unique mixture of clipping diodes allow for touch-sensitive response, where natural saturation breaks up further as the player digs in. With the addition of a 2-band EQ, players can dial in Gamma Drive with precision, resulting in a lively, amp-responsive tone.