Gamma Cumulus Reverb

Sold exclusively through Guitar Center, the Gamma Cumulus Reverb belongs to a bread-and-butter new line of 6 compact pedals focused on providing great tone at reasonable prices.

Three knobs for Mix, Tone and Decay allow fine-tuning of the 3 reverb modes:

  1. Studio: an improved room reverb simulating the “curated” reverb created by great-sounding, acoustically treated tracking rooms.
  2. Spring: the classic effect found in the old Fender amps from the ’60s, among the first reverbs for guitar, it sounds like this.
  3. Plate: a rich and smooth effect simulating old, bulky, but great-sounding devices used in the studios before the advent of digital reverbs – it sounds like this.

Have a listen to each mode in the videos below.

Gamma Cumulus Reverb, Builder’s Notes

Bring on a torrent of delightfully wet sonic environments with the GAMMA Cumulus 3-Way Reverb. Cumulus conjures three distinct styles of reverb—Studio, Spring and Plate—that can add ambient vibe, drippy fun or shimmering dimension to your licks, riffs and solos. Cumulus is one of six stompboxes in our brand-new and exclusive GAMMA guitar effects pedals line—which also includes the Altas Boosted Overdrive, Bacchus Dynamic Driver, Eros Clean Chorus, Hades Metal Distortion and Narcissus Warm Delay. We’re Guitar Center, and we know guitar players, so we populated the GAMMA line with six effects that are absolutely essential for gigging. In fact, you can construct a versatile and professional pedalboard with the sextet of GAMMA pedals alone.

All pedals in the GAMMA guitar effects series feature stunning metal-flake finishes, gig-tough chassis and knobs, scrupulously curated circuitry and buffered bypass (for consistent tone and signal output), as well as a compact size that won’t devour real estate on your pedalboard. Each GAMMA pedal can be run from a 9-volt battery or power supply (battery and DC adapter not included). In addition, we are extremely aware that the last thing players want is for their gear to crumble under pressure, so the GAMMA line was designed to defy the rigors of constant use and to sound sensational every time you plug in to play.

Controls and Features

The trio of reverbs is selected with a handy switch, and Cumulus also offers controls for Mix, Tone and Decay. Pretty much everything you need to craft luscious reverbs for any musical situation is at your fingertips. GAMMA pedals are also designed to endure the hardships of real-world use. Electrical footswitching protects against audible noise and other glitching that can sometimes occur when a mechanical switch begins to wear out. Buffered bypass ensures a strong and consistent signal is sent to the other pedals in your chain, so there shouldn’t be any volume dips or other anomalies when you swap or add effects on the fly. The heavy-duty metal chassis and knobs are durable enough to withstand being kicked off stages, tossed into gig bags and any other abuses that can occur during live gigs, studio sessions and gear transport.

How Does the Cumulus 3-Way Reverb Sound?
Cumulus delivers three classic reverb types for guitarists. The surf-music-approved spring reverb is a must—not just for wave riders who desire the drip, but anyone who wants a vintage-like splash. Players wanting a more lush vibe can choose the Cumulus Plate setting, which emulates the rich, expansive sonics of old-school plates such as the EMT 140. The Plate setting also offers the longest decay of Cumulus’ three reverbs to produce near-cavernous ambience. A unique feature of Cumulus is Studio—a reverb that goes beyond the typical “room” setting to simulate the organic environment of a recording studio’s tracking room.

Power User Tips for Reverb Pedals
Moody and cinematic textures are possible by choosing Plate and turning Cumulus’ Mix control to its maximum setting. The fundamental attack of the source sound gets delightfully blurred by the huge wash, and the sound can get even spookier if you subtly blend in the reverb by using a volume pedal or add expressive wobbles with the tremolo arm of a guitar. Film soundtracks, anyone? You can also simulate the crash and rattle of physically kicking a vintage reverb tank—a favorite trick of surf guitarists—by choosing the Cumulus Spring setting and slapping your guitar strings.

Versatile Reverb
The Cumulus 3-Way Reverb provides a quick and simple way to bestow your guitar signal with ambient appeal. Some other reverb processors offer deeper parameters, but Cumulus is a perfect choice for getting it done fast at live shows—or even studio sessions. Choose your ’verb, adjust the Decay, Tone and Mix, and you’re off. While the word “gamma” denotes the third letter of the Greek alphabet, it can also stand for Cumulus’ trinity of classic reverbs, as well as three pertinent reasons why GAMMA guitar effects pedals deliver extraordinary tone, tough-as-a-tank manufacturing and fantastic value: They are crafted by people who love guitar, for everyone who plays guitar, and they are only available at Guitar Center.