Pigtronix Emanator

Sometimes the resurfacing of a specific chip previously unavailable inspires pedal builders to release new stompboxes. In the case of the Pigtronix Emanator, it’s an analog delay based on legendary high-voltage MN3005 BBD chips that were out of production since the mid-’80s.

The high voltage allows this mini, limited edition analog delay to have higher headroom than other analog delay pedals, without compromising the signature warmth of the BBD chip.

The repeats can go as high as 600ms, controlled by 3 straightforward knobs for Time, Mix and Repeats.

Here’s the launch video! We added the Pigtronix Emanator to our article about the best analog delay pedals.


Pigtronix Emanator, Builder’s Notes

Emanator is an analog delay pedal that uses a pair of genuine bucket brigade IC chips to achieve up to 600ms of warm, glowing echo. Emanator’s straightforward 3-knob control layout provides easy access to a wide variety of sounds from vintage studio slapback echo to epic, long delays with enough feedback on tap to achieve self-oscillation. Emanator possesses superior headroom and overall fidelity compared with other analog delay pedals due to the new-production, high-voltage MN3005 BBD chips used in the delay line. Out of production since the mid 80’s, these legendary ICs have been reissued in all of their analog glory and put to use in this eminently convenient and compact echo machine. Available exclusively at Guitar Center.

Time: Sets your delay time. Clockwise for slower, counter-clockwise for faster.
Mix: Sets the level of the delay signal.
Repeats: Sets the amount of feedback in the delay line.

You don’t always come across quality components in a convenient, affordable pedal. Emanator makes use of genuine bucket brigade IC chips to provide warm, analog delay tone of the highest quality.

While scooting across the cosmos, Marvin caught a glimpse of shimmering light in his periphery. These were the bulbed tendrils of Emanator, a planet that glows with the warmth of luscious tone.