Pigtronix Constellator

The Pigtronix Constellator is one of three new mini-pedals released by the NYC-based company at (virtual) NAMM 2021.

Based on a MN3005 bucket brigade device chip, this is an analog delay with modulation that can get rather spacey. It provides tape-like saturation and it’s prone to self-oscillation at maximum feedback levels.

The Feel button is an original feature of this pedal, tweaking several parameters for an additional coloring of LFO modulation.

All in all, the Pigtronix Constellator strikes us as a pedal that, for its miniature size, can deliver a very wide range of effects, from your bread and butter slapback delay, to spacey and detuned echos.

We added it to our lists of our Best Tape Delay Pedals and Best Mini Delay Pedals.

Constellator is an all-analog delay pedal capable of producing up to 600ms of lush echo with adjustable modulation and a comprehensive sound palette. From percussive slapback and doubler sounds to chorused-out, long delays with endless repeats, the Constellator’s MN3005 bucket brigade chips provide superior overall headroom and tape-like saturation when pushed to the limit. The Feel toggle switch adjusts several parameters simultaneously for an additional coloring of LFO modulation. With the Feedback control maxed out, the Constellator is capable of self-oscillation which can be pitched up or down by turning the Time knob. Runs on standard 9VDC.