Flamma FC17 Analog Delay

The Flamma FC17 Analog Delay fills a space that had remained empty in the pedal roster of this young Chinese builder: the one of a BBD based analog delay.

Super-competitively priced at around $50, the FC17 is a mini-delay that offers classic analog repeats ranging from 25ms to 600ms, adjustable through three knobs (Time, Echo and Feedback) and also Tap Tempo functionality, in a true bypass circuit.

Here are the first videos of it.

Flamma FC17 Analog Delay, Builder’s Notes

  • The FC17 Analog Delay Pedal brings a huge range of timing options and warm, vintage analog tones. With a range of 25ms – 600ms, the FC17 has you covered no matter the style or tempo.
  • Adjust timings by tweaking the time knob or pump up the feedback and echo with the designated mini knobs.
  • When you’re done, the true bypass circuit ensures a noise-free environment until you’re ready for more of that classic analog delay sound.