Pigtronix Cosmosis Stereo Reverb

The Pigtronix Cosmosis represents a rather unique take on the ambient stereo reverb, putting a big emphasys on “morphing” – i.e. gradually transitioning from an preset sound to another.

The pedal offers 3 algorithms (called here “Spaces”):

  1. Theatre offers an adjustable room ambiance, ranging from intimate to acoustically reflective, achieved through the use of several short reverberators in parallel.
  2. Temple immerses the listener in a grand indoor environment, creating a sense of vastness by incorporating multiple prolonged reflections in parallel and series.
  3. Cosmos delivers a wide array of celestial reverb effects by harnessing the harmonic content it receives, resulting in an expansive and ethereal soundscape.

What makes this pedal unique, however, is its Morph function, which, although not an en tirely original concept, it’s here implemented more thoroughly and offers a straightforward method for musicians to smoothly transition between different reverb parameters over a designated duration set by the Morph Rate knob.

Users can define both “red” and “green” values on their Tone, Blend, and Size knobs, and by activating the Morph footswitch, they can seamlessly shift between the two parameters at their chosen pace. Any combination of knobs can be designated for this morphing effect.

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Pigtronix Cosmosis, Builder’s Notes

Years in the making and the first of its kind, Cosmosis is a stereo, high-fidelity ambient reverb that allows musicians to tailor three original spaces—Theatre, Temple, and Cosmos—as well as manipulate them in real time.

In addition to controls for the size of the reverb, wet/dry blend, and filtering, Cosmosis features a unique Morph function that allows musicians to alter their reverb settings in real-time by pressing the left footswitch.

The three space algorithms found inside of Cosmosis are all-original and truly unique.

  • Theatre puts the player in a variable room that ranges from cozy to highly reflective using multiple parallel short reverberators.
  • Temple occupies a dramatic, large indoor space by implementing numerous long reflections in both parallel and series.
  • And Cosmos creates an enormous spectrum of heavenly reverb derived from the harmonic content it’s fed.

The Morph feature found in Cosmosis provides a simple way for players to trigger a gradual change to various reverb parameters over a specified amount of time set by the accompanying Morph Rate knob. Players can set both “red” and “green” values on their Tone, Blend, and Size knobs, then engage the Morph footswitch to oscillate between the two reverbs at their desired rate. Any combination of knobs can be assigned to morph.

Create elegant morphs for subtle movement or sweeping, cinematic morphs for dramatic sound design effects. Save up to four custom reverb presets, including morphing. Cosmosis runs on standard 9VDC power.


Size: Sets the size of the reverb space.

Blend: Sets the balance between wet (reverb) and dry (clean signal)

Tone: Clockwise from noon, this control applies a high-pass filter, making the reverb sound brighter. Counter-clockwise from noon, this control applies a low-pass filter, making the reverb sound darker.

Morph Rate: Sets the time it takes for parameters to change between “red” and “green” values when the Morph footswitch is engaged.

Morph: Enable morphing for any combination of the 4 on-board knobs. Push to toggle through knobs, press and hold to select. Press and hold again to deselect.

Preset Select: Push to toggle through 4 pre-loaded presets, press and hold to select. To save a custom preset after making changes, press and hold. Presets can also be toggled and selected using only footswitches (see manual).

Space Select: Push to toggle through 3 available reverb spaces.

The three unique space algorithms found inside of Cosmosis are entirely original and comprise a combination of primary source impulse responses, imagined reflections, and inspired mathematics. Theatre is a vintage-inspired small room sound ranging from cozy to reflective; Temple is a rich and flowing larger space featuring long reflections in both parallel and series; and Cosmos makes use of divine inspiration to create an enormous spectrum of harmonically-informed reverb. Kill the Size knob in any space to conjure a ghostly, full-wet “reverse” reverb effect.

A portal of such divine proportions was always missing in the Pigtronix universe. One day, traveling further than ever before into the outermost reaches of what he knew to be true, Marvin caught glimpses of refracted light and mist hovering in the atmosphere of a new, far-distant planet. This was the long-sought Cosmosis—a planet that takes in the sounds of the galaxy, sublimates them, and ushers them to the other side forever changed.