Mask Audio Line Blur EQ

The Mask Audio Line Blur (for which we can’t find a web page yet) is a semi-parametric EQ and overdrive pedal for guitar and bass with audiophile-grade op amps, meaning that it’s lo-fi in a hi-fi kind of way (those are components you’ll find in a home stereo system rather than in a studio rack equalizer).

This looks like a very useful pedal that’s also creative in its own way, allowing to dial up a variety of tones, even acting as a clean boost when the three EQ controls are in neutral position, or a clean EQ when the two gain knobs (Loud and More) are down.

Turning More up will add saturation to your input signal ranging from overdrive to distortion, and even fuzz when the EQ controls are turned up.

The Freq control allows to set the frequency boosted or cut by the Mid knob, which is extremely useful and opens a universe of tone possibilities, including the always trendy scooped and boosted mids, not to mention the cocked wah of Zappian memory.

Check out what this pedal can do in the video below. We added it to our comprehensive article about the best graphic and parametric EQ Pedals.

Mask Audio Line Blur, Builder’s Notes