Made by hand in Cambridgeshire, UK, the Pedal Pawn Octone is the latest offering by a small builder that’s been making waves (with an assist by Andertons Music) for its reinterpretation of classic effect circuits. It’s a variant of the vintage 1970’s Octavia Fuzz.

The result of hundreds of years (and thousands of Sterling Pounds!) spent researching the ideal octave-up fuzz sound, The Octone faithfully recreates the original’s fuzz circuit, while the builder went the extra mile to improve the octave circuit to make it as clean as possible and clearly audible at high Boost setting and when playing above the 12th fret.

Here are the first videos of the Pedal Pawn Octone, we added it to our article about the best Octavia clones and variants.

Pedal Pawn Octone, Builder’s Notes

To put it bluntly, we’ve spent thousands on both new & VINTAGE octave fuzz’s – in search of the holy grail! To our ears, we deemed a very rare vintage 1970’s Octavia the gold standard for its SPOOKY magic. Once faithfully recreating the voodoo of that FAT circuit, we souped up the parameters to also fulfil the ULTRA clean octave settings that are desired by so many. We can now proudly present the highly requested – Pedal Pawn ® Octone ™


• Tuned for pure VINTAGE octave fuzziness
• Immensely CLEAN & CLEAR octave
• Retains HIGH octave with the boost cranked!
• Maintains PRONOUNCED octave below 12th fret
• Hand-selected components including NOS Germanium Diodes w/ transformer
• Handcrafted in the UK
• Loud output levels to cut through the mix
• Standard 9v power input
• True bypass switching