Pedal Pawn Texas Twang

Inspired by a steady aural diet of Steve Ray Vaughan, the Pedal Pawn Texas Twang is a  combo boost/overdrive is a two-knob device built to interact with your guitar and amp, cleaning up nicely at low guitar output. The right knob is a three-way rotary switch that produces glassy and bite on the Hi setting, tube-like warmth in the Mid setting and punchy growl in the Lo one.

Pedal Pawn Texas Twang, Builder’s Notes

It’s been a lifelong journey to encapsulate our favourite Texan’s ‘Twang’ into a box!

Alongside our countless hours of tweaking, we have received an outpouring of requests for this very creation! We listened to you, ourselves, (& Stevie on repeat for 20 years) & can now proudly present the – Pedal Pawn ® Texan Twang ™.

This custom boost circuit is specifically tuned for an abundance of glassy clean-up, for when you roll back the guitars volume knob on each setting. Rolling up the guitars volume knob produces the Texan Twang ™ we have searched for our whole lives!

Texan Twang ™ Features

• 3-way rotary switch – Hi (Glass / Bite), Mid (Fat / Tube), Lo (Growl / Wood)

• Completely interactive clean up with the guitars volume knob

• Handcrafted in the UK

• Standard 9v power input / battery connection

• True bypass switching