New Pedal Company 70's Overdrive

The That New Pedal Company 70’s Overdrive is a vintage-inspired drive manufactured by four dudes based in Galacia, a region in Spain.

Built by hand using the best possible components, the ’70s Overdrive features two knobs (Volume and Gain) curiously placed on the back on the case, and is voiced after the tone produced by the overdrives of that decade, without necessarily focusing on a specific unit.

Check out how it sounds in the videos below.

New Pedal Company 70’s Overdrive, Builder’s Notes

Raio Tones & Circuits has encapsulated the legendary, vintage sound of the overdrive in this pedal. The result of many hours of research and tests, this model recreates, to perfection, the original sound of those first overdrives from the 70s, the vintage sound that never really left.

Completely analog, fully welded and assembled by hand.

Made with the best components in the market:

• Neutrik Connectors.

• Hammond Enclosures.

• Alpha Potentiometers.

• Yageo Resistors.

• Cornell Dubilier, Panasonic, KEMET, Vishay Capacitors.